Arcturian Rainbow Healing

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The next phase of Healing Modules for New Earth Citizens

Those who are familiar with the Arcturians and their mystical powers are very aware of their power of healing. This is truly what sets them apart from the majority, if not all, of the alien races throughout this multi-dimensional Universe .

The interesting fact about Arcturian healing is that it goes deeper than just one's physical healthiness, but rather, Arcturians healing powers enable you to grasp the powers that heal your mind, body, and soul.  

Arcturians understand that having vibrational stability allows us access to great powers of the Infinite Intelligence. The Infinite Intelligence is what grants us the power to then heal any portions of our bodies that needs healing attention.  

Out of the many things Arcturians know, re-programming the subconscious mind is defiantly one of them and a very powerful and useful tool.  Arcturians are very in tune with the higher level of the conscious and sub-conscious mind and will help you towards ways to work with yours.

The basic curriculum of teaching of the Arcturians is to teach each person to know their Godself. This is done through education, medicine, healing, arts, and entertainment.